Meet Bentley

Bentley, B, rocket, foe, baby boy.

All names for the 47 pound whirlwind of energy pictured above.

If you would have told me two months ago that I would end up with the task of caring for a bundle of energy in a German Shorthaired Pointers body, I would have laughed in your face. Literally. After having a Brittany Spaniel puppy for a month in October of 2016, I swore I would never have a hunting dog breed again because of their neurotic tendencies but here I am and boy is it already turning out to be a wild ride.

My mom and I came across Bentley via the internet shortly after I had graduated from USC in May. I was unemployed with virtually nothing to do but study for the NCLEX (which I passed… YAY!) so of course why wouldn’t I think getting a puppy was a good idea? I had my heart set on a cockapoo which looking back now is almost opposite in every way from Bentley but nevertheless I wanted a lap dog. My mom despises lap dogs and said the only way a dog would be entering our house was if it was a GSP. I immediately got on my computer and started looking at GSPs and stumbled upon a breeder in Georgia that had a five and a half month old puppy who needed a home. I figured by five and a half months old that the puppy was past the wake-up-every-three-hours-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-potty phase so I was blinded by that seemingly insignificant joy. We went to pick him up and what we saw when we got there¬†was a tornado. A happy tornado; unbridled, untrained, and spirited. We instantly fell in love with him and hauled him back to our families house on Daniel Island.

Ever since then, I’ve only lost one pair of running shorts and about a thousand dollars in vet bills and dog food. Just a slight setback. But was it worth it? Absolutely.

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