How to stay productive


Fall is one of the busiest times of year. There are bills to be payed and gifts to be bought, maybe you are even traveling out of town to visit family. It becomes so easy to lose focus of the daily tasks you need to get done when looking ahead to all of the things you need to accomplish by the end of the year. Here are just a few tips that help me complete my goals and tasks in a timely (but fun) manner.

Start off your week on Sunday with a trip to your local coffee shop. I am fortunate to have a Starbucks right down the street from my house so I usually pop over there on Sunday to just sit with some coffee, calm music in my headphones, and my planner. This allows me to collect my thoughts, browse through my list of things to do for the week, and come up with a plan for how to get things done.

Buy a planner if you don’t already have one. I have this one and I LOVE it. Having a planner helps me to keep my work schedule, my schedule for Bentley, and my social schedule all in one place. It has monthly calendar pages as well as note pages and one grid page for each month. I like looking at my month as a whole so that I can plan vacations and pick the best weekends for friends to come visit in Charleston. I also bought these pens and let me tell you: pens make or break a planner. If you have everything written in black, it is much harder to tell what in your planner is important versus just a note. At least buy colored highlighters if you don’t like colored pens.

Turn on music while getting things done at home. I find that playing my favorite music while cleaning the house or loading the dishwasher can make even the most boring tasks a blast! Taylor Swift’s new album came out on Friday and if you haven’t listened to it yet you MUST buy it and play it on repeat. It’s just so fun! I may or may not have been found dancing around in the kitchen singing into a spoon to King of my Heart.

Set reminders in your phone. We all know that you might not be staring at your planner every second of every day but what you probably are staring at is your phone. You can set timed reminders or just general reminders but I prefer timed reminders so that it will show up on my Apple watch home screen.

Get up and walk around. It is easy to get zoned into a project and forget where the time has gone but if you get up once an hour and just walk around the house or the block for a couple of minutes, it will stimulate the oxygen getting to your brain and you will remember all of your tasks you still have left to do. And it’s purely healthy for you! I actually had a the sweetest little old man as my patient in the hospital last week that said to me “I know why I am here… I didn’t move around enough at home. I just sat all the time. You bet when I get home I will be taking a walk every day”. My goal is to educate people on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle BEFORE they have to come see me in the hospital.

These are just a few tips to help jump start a more productive lifestyle!  Let me know if you have any other tips or tricks that you do to become more productive.









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